Someone who has been producing bitcoin has been watching the market for the past few weeks. Virtual currencies, prices on other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and litecoin, fell mainly by $ 10,000 in mid-February and briefly fell to $ 4,000 on March 13 despite paying $ 6,000 at the time of writing. Doomsayers do not even think that Bitcoin will soon turn alcohol into three figures.

Adding to the darkness, these shifts were largely triggered by the stock market as investors first panicked at Coronavirus to somehow alleviate the US government’s $ 2 trillion fiscal stimulus package to boost the economy. This type of template casts doubt on the general belief of the cryptocurrency industry that these assets will act as a “safe haven” during the downturn, moving in the opposite direction throughout the market. For many crypto lovers, this was one of the main attractions of buying one currency.

Bitcoin vs S&P 500

At the time of the Coronavirus rage, bitcoin jumped onto Highway 102
Bitcoin = blue; S&P 500 = red. Shopping view
While this was developing, a more encouraging trend attracted far less attention. Because of banning cryptocurrency obligations in the past or refusing to recognize their money, various countries have suddenly begun to recognize them in their financial laws and courts. This may indicate a significant shift in these digital assets in the trunk.
Weapons start
The motivation for these changes was the introduction of new global standards on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism introduced by the Global Observer Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The rules provide useful consumer / money laundering frameworks for cryptocurrency operations that did not exist before, and this was the reason that many countries did not allow this.

On February 26, a French court ruled that a Bitcoin-related loan is a consumer loan. This meant for the first time bitcoin in the same bracket as money and other financial assets in France for the first time, giving consumers confidence that they would receive the same protection under the law.

Two days later, financial situation


Acceptance of loss


The first phase of grief is done alone. The initial shock of the experience takes a little to sink. It almost caused me waves. While I was shopping one day, I had a breakdown. It struck me at one time that I was shopping. My little basket looked so empty.
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I lost all desire to eat. Hunger physically hurts, but not when you feel that the emotional foundation has dissolved beneath you. He trembles and wakes at the same time. I have never felt so connected to our Creator. The energy of Christ filled me and made all the limbs shiver as the spirit of Mom passed through the veil. It opened just as it did when the baby was born and covered the room with a calm aura.
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I also felt a peculiar tide throughout my body, which eventually erupted beyond the crown of my head. I settled down and soon realized the brilliant energy, so I quickly climbed out of bed. On my knees I lifted the palms of my hands up and took whatever I could.
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Slowly and loudly I recited the Lord’s Prayer as if my ears had never heard it. Each word resonated intensely with a new meaning. I told myself “Ours” and realized that it was so important to understand that we were a destined family. At 7 billion, we illuminate the world with our combined spiritual energy.
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Nobody chooses to be in grief. Sometimes events happen from back to back. I lost my house in a fire and then faced the mental-bending losses of 4 family members in the back. My younger sister, who was 44, was a shock; her husband, who died a year later at 44, was even more of a shock. A routine cardiac procedure led to his unexpected death.
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My grandmother Rose’s passing was not a shock to 95, but the weather was funny. I didn’t even travel to Medina, Ohio, for her service, as I was homeless without a fire and just opened the Pandora’s box called alcoholism completely.
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Before Mom died, she said, “You have been grieving for Susan for too long. (It was as if I had a choice.) It has been exactly 90 days today when she died in my arms and I remember every moment as if it had just happened.
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Some of the more abrasive visualizations have faded. I don’t need to see another coroner retrieve another body in my life. It’s as usual for them, but when it’s your mother, it’s ice water in your face.
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The cop stood on my right and when I saw Mom’s corpse being carried over the coroner to a stretcher waiting in the kitchen, my knees arched. I leaned against the wall, but I was too far from it. The young blond officer who appeared after the arrival of the hospice staff caught my fall. I would hit the ground since I was about two meters from the wall.
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A few days after the Air Force mom’s funeral service, that same officer felt bad when he presented me with an expulsion notice. Two family members canceled everything Mom built over the years in a few short weeks. Her animals were separated and scattered. I was so glad Mom didn’t have to see some of her favorite rescue dogs put in kennel cages. They came from there.
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The wisest thing I did to deal with the intense, life-stopping anguish was to reach out. I went to mom’s former nursing home every day for almost 6 weeks. Sometimes, twice a day. As my spiritual partner Willie enchanted nurses and endless residents, I listened to advice from people who had lived for nearly a century.
One lady shared, this is not what you had; what you have left. & # 39; And I have 55 years of memories of reflection and an amazing spiritual experience just to show. I have been blessed over the years, over time; I was blessed with increased faith directly from OUR Father.



Overview of the National Motor Insurance Company


Cars have been a part of American society for about a century, and in today’s society, they are an essential part of the everyday life of Americans. Although mass transit systems such as subways, buses, and subways have been developed in major cities, most average Americans get to and from work by vehicle.
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For this reason, the federal government has decided to allow each state to develop its own motor insurance laws so that they have a say in the conditions under which a car should be used within their respective state boundaries.
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As the population of the United States grows every day and more and more people enter this great country, it is imperative that Americans have car insurance so that they can drive safely and without risk on this nation’s roads.
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Today, most people can find a car insurance company within 25 miles of their residence. While there are major car insurance companies like GEICO, Allstate and others trying to get bigger to control this sector of the economy; there are some others who are unknown nationally and work within the borders of their countries. In this article we will discuss only those “top dogs” in the car insurance business, looking at their history, what they offer and how they have become well known over the years.
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Esurance: Although this company was only founded in 1999 through the Internet, they have made a lot of progress over the years. The company started in four states and was quickly purchased by White Mountains Insurance Group. Today, Esurance claims to insure about 85% of the nation’s leaders, and they continue to grow, providing coverage in 28 states. Ever since they were founded, this company has strived to give customers the best prices on the market with the best coverage.
They pride themselves on their customer service techniques and the fact that their customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This insurance is the first to offer its products entirely online, which makes it a little easier and more convenient for people to receive quotes and book from the comfort of their own office. The company has grown so much that they have expanded to offer not only car coverage, but also life, health, homeowners and motorcycle insurance.
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GEICO: One of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, GEICO is best known for its little gecko that speaks with a British accent, or caveman ads that emphasize the fact that getting a quote online is “so easy that the caveman can do. ” The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) was founded in 1930, when the Great Depression still struck this great nation. Leo and Lillian Goodwin started the company in Texas because they had the vision of reducing premiums for select clients. The company became increasingly known in the United States, and it was in 1936 that they opened operations in Washington. Today, the company operates in all states, and its assets have grown to a record $ 21.9 billion. They have approximately 7 million members, 21,000 are affiliated in 12 major locations across the country. This incredible growth is due to three key elements that GEICO focuses on: excellent coverage, low prices and exceptional customer service.

Allstate: With its motto “You are in good hands”, this company strives to be the best, giving peace of mind to its customers and enriching their quality of life through the excellent management of their risks. The company was founded in 1931 and became a publicly traded company only in 1993. Based in Northbrook, Illinois; Allstate is one of the nation’s leading insurers in urban and regional areas and has offices throughout the nation. They are proud of the many awards they have won over the years and because they have supported road and highway safety reforms, including seat belts, airbags and training for teenage drivers. A $ 157.5 billion Fortune 100 company, Allstate Corporation includes more than 70,000 professionals with nearly 30% minorities and 59% women. The company provides insurance products to approximately 17 million vehicles and one in every 9 vehicles on the road is insured by them

SF Insurance: This company was founded in 1922 by a retired farmer and insurance salesman named George Jacob Meherle. He started the company with the sole purpose of reducing car insurance premiums for farmers because he knew that they were traveling far less than the average customer. Today, SF Insurance claims to insure more cars than any other North American car insurance company, and is available in all 50 states and the neighboring state of Canada. In 2006, the company became the first to promote a major movie when it sponsored the Pixar CARS movie and they expanded to life, homeowner and property insurance. The company has over 17,000 agents and 68,000 employers who help over 76 million customers in every type of insurance that can be represented. They are rated A + by AM Best and also ranked 31st on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies.

Nationwide: Another “top dog” in US auto insurance. The company was founded in 1925 by the Federation of Ohio Bureau of Farms to provide excellent low rates for rural drivers in the state, and over the course of 80 years Nationwide has been transformed from a small car insurance company for Ohio farmers to a large company that receives approximately $ 157 billion in assets. Nowadays, Nationwide is not just a car insurance provider; but also offers financial services. They are known for excellence in their service, simply because their associates have diverse skills, experience and experience that make them more compatible with their customers. The company is ranked 104th in Fortune 500 magazine and has about 36,000 employers. It is also noted that Nationwide ranks as the sixth largest auto insurance company in the United States on the basis of premium ratings ranked by AM Best.


How to Choose a House Plan – Part 8 of 10


If you are still not thinking about how much energy your new house will use and how much it will lose, then this is the time to start. It should be one of your top priorities – if for no other reason than your own pocketbook.

The energy used to heat and cool homes will continue to rise in price and, as we have seen lately, global politics can quickly and drastically affect your access to cheap energy.

I'll get to the part of the house plans in a minute, but first …

A little story

This is not the first energy crisis we have had. In 1970 – when I was a student studying green design – world events talked about the creation of the American energy crisis. It was an interesting time to study Architecture because the buildings we designed were obliged to respond to the environment – to use natural sources of energy as far as possible.

The homes we created used technology and inventive design to give them shape – we designed solar homes, earth-sheltered homes, homes with heat mass and other types in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They collected heat from the sun and the earth and kept it inside for as long as possible. They blocked excessive solar radiation with deep overhangs and shading devices and were very attentive to the angle of the sun and the prevailing winds.

Sure they look a little weird (some are downright ugly), but we designed homes that were warm in the winter and cool in the summer and used almost no energy ,

A little more history

But then in the 1980s energy became cheap again and everyone forgot about low energy homes (see, I told you – just a little more history).

Where are we now

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and suddenly energy is back on page one. Again, homes respond to pressure to reduce energy consumption, but in a curiously different way – through envelope and mechanical technology ,

Technology for envelopes

The envelope of your home is its cover – the roof, the walls, the windows and the base. What protects the exterior is just that. There was a time when the heat flowed fairly freely through the envelope; the windows were one glass thick and the walls and roofs had little or no insulation.

Today, the assembly of walls and roofs can be many high technology. New types of insulation, sheathing and siding slow heat flow to creep. Infiltration barriers (Tyvek, Typar, for example) stop excessive water vapor migration and seal the outside more tightly than ever before. Houses can be sealed so tightly in fact, the retained moisture can accelerate the growth of mold (this is an object for another time).

The windows and doors have also passed light years beyond the old wooden frames, plastered with glass from the beginning of the twentieth century. Windows are now available with multiple windows closed together to create an insulating layer inside; often this "air space" is filled with inert argon gas – which has a higher resistance to heat transfer from the air.

The window frame is far better sealed and the installation methods are much improved. Even ordinary old glass is not what it used to be – now it's covered with a microscopic layer that allows sunlight but blocks UV rays and prevents heat from leaking.

Other high-tech wall technologies include ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and SIP (Structural Insulated Panels).

Mechanical technologies

Another area of ​​major change is mechanical technology, including systems for heating and cooling groundwater sources, active solar panels and custom water heaters.

Stoves, heat pumps, heat exchangers, boilers and air conditioners are more efficient, always working hard to extract every BTU of energy from the fuels they use. And sophisticated computer control systems control the heat distribution throughout the house.

Back to the house plans!

Envelope technology and mechanical technology are two good ways to make every house plan more energy efficient. High-tech energy management systems can be added to any house plan, and most plans can be easily modified to incorporate the latest envelope technology. Some home plan sites even sell versions of their plans with ICF wall details already included.

Take advantage of high-tech energy-saving technologies wherever you can. As energy costs increase, more sophisticated fuel economy systems will pay.

But envelopes and mechanical technology are not the only way to create a more energy efficient home. Back in the day we did it with old-fashioned good design – paying attention to the sun's orientation, the amount and location of the window, and the shape and size of the house. An architect or qualified home designer can help you choose and / or modify a home plan to better address your energy use issues.

So choose carefully – a good looking house is not necessarily energy efficient.


Generation Laptop


In May 2005, a history of US hardware was made.

For the first time, laptops have sold more than desktops in a month. In fact, Current Analysis, an innovative research firm based in Sterling, Virginia, confirmed that sales of laptops jumped to 53.3% of the total retail computer market in May 2005.

Were these numbers just a glimmer on the computer sales radar? Let your own eyes answer this question for you – People who use laptops are everywhere! – People checking their emails in cafes, students learning online in the classroom, business men and women compiling airplane and train data.

So, what current factors contribute to the huge popularity of laptops among the public computers they buy?


Five years ago, you could walk into a four-thousand-dollar computer shop and float your toenails, carrying a bulky laptop computer about the size of a sewing machine – about as cutting as a grandfather's pipe and smoking jacket. Today, you can get a HP Compaq NX6125 equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader, 60GB hard drive and AMD 64-bit Turion processor for less than $ 1000!

Expect laptop prices to fall even further in the coming months thanks to intense competition between the two heavy-duty processor manufacturers Intel and AMD. Both companies introduced mobile chips at speeds that offer desktop performance.


Wi-Fi laptops are no longer a luxury option. At Mammoth Coffee in Newport, Ohio, more and more business owners are fighting for an office space notebook, the humble blueberry muffin and Au Lait coffee shop.

Those who dine at fine dining await the smallest sensory, spicy dish set on a table with fine silver and white table towels; excellent service; and ambient lighting. Good thing that's the menu at Trapeze Restaurant in Burlingham, California – along with the wireless access service for laptops.

Wireless loyalty has moved effortlessly from the confines of home and office to the pristine elegance of fucking restaurants. But will the revolution of the wireless laptop end here?

Last Mile Communications has even greater ambitions for Wi-Fi laptops. They hope to use the established infrastructure of multiple lamp posts, sprawled around merry old England, to create a network of wireless hotspots.

This ambitious UK company would like to transform street lights so that they can be accessed through your laptop to go online. The last mile would also like to put flash memory in the lights so that even without access to the internet, you can find information on local amenities and emergency firefighters, police and ambulances.


Laptops with performance competing with desktops used for knee breaks – Not more. A stream of high-quality ultra-light and ultraportable devices have been flooding the market over the past few months.

The Acer award-winning Red dot, Travelmate 3000 boasts a widescreen 12.1-inch panoramic display, while the compact laptop chassis takes up less space on the desktop than a piece of A4 paper – weighing just 1.4 kg. The Sony T2, a sleek silver ultra lightweight laptop, comes with a 60GB hard drive, 1.2GHz processor and weighs just under 1.4 kg.

Too big you say? How about Toshiba's U100 libretto? This laptop weighs just 2.16 pounds, has a 1.20GHz Intel Pentium M processor and has a hard drive protection system.


Are statins really healthy options?


Doctors often prescribe Lipitor and other statin drugs as cholesterol-lowering drugs and have done so for some time, but the side effects that can lead to their use make satin an unpopular choice for many consumers.

Despite the fact that many statin users experience muscle cramps and other unpleasant reactions, more and more doctors who fear for their patient's heart health are prescribing statins as a preventative measure. In fact, the results of a recent study show that older people who have no history of heart disease are already four times more likely to receive a statin prescription than they would have been in 1999. However, as a preventative drug, statins leave a lot to be desires.

According to a review published in the 2012 issue of the American Journal of Cardiology, the amount of problems that can lead to the use of such drugs may mean that the potential health risks far outweigh the potential benefits. The magazine also points to the lack of research conducted on older users.

One of the problems is that statins have been used for so long (nearly 30 years) that their use has become accepted practice. They are also a relatively inexpensive way of trying to reduce cholesterol levels.

Despite the unpleasant disadvantages, some studies suggest that statins may reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke if the patient has experienced any of these in the past. There is also some evidence to suggest that the risk of heart attacks can also be reduced if the patient has high cholesterol – even if there is no history of cardiovascular problems.

Unfortunately, many people who are prescribed satin as a preventative measure do not fall into any group. To make matters worse, research reveals a risk calculator (designed to aid physicians' decisions) often overestimates the degree of risk faced by some patients. Referring to past studies, heart experts at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic have argued that "being overly dependent on such algorithms can lead to unnecessary statin treatment."

Endocrinologist Robert Eckel (University of Colorado Denver) helped prepare these statin guidelines, but acknowledges that additional research is needed to examine the risks that statins may pose to elderly patients. "It's a gray area," Eckel said. "Based on evidence, medicine only goes so far."

Dr. Michael Johansen (Ohio) also raises some questions about the use of statins and he also suggests that further study is needed. "Most drugs are not backed up by solid clinical evidence to support treatment in the elderly," Johansen said before pointing out that the amount of muscle pain experienced by some statin users is severe enough to cause falls that can lead to life-threatening injuries.

So statins are a healthy remedy for the heart? Perhaps, but they can also create problems and many experts raise questions that suggest that some serious revisions may be in order.


College teams gathering for places in bowling games


It's that time of year again. Cup season for college football. Are you excited? Is your team in one of the buy? The first bowl game is on December 19 this year. So you don't have that many days to fix your college football. It also means that not every college team has much chance of playing jockey for a higher position. If the game is lost, it could mean a lower cup or worse no cup. Thus, all colleagues in dispute shoot for spots in cup games to try to secure positions.

Why do so many people place so much emphasis on cup games? Unlike the professional football league, there is no super cup to determine who is the best football team. The NFL doesn't even have a professional team in every state. There are colleges in every country that play football. There is simply no way for each team to compete in the short timeframe that the college season has. So, what is medicine? Bowling games are the answer. Some of them are higher than others, but everyone wants their team to be photographed. Based on how teams performed throughout the year put them in a specific bowl. The cup winner then receives a final ranking to determine their place.

The Cup Series consists of the Pasadena Rose Bowl, the New Orleans Sugar Bowl, the Glendale Fiesta Bowl, the Miami Orange Bowl, and the BCS Championship Game held in Pasadena, California. These five cups will determine the top ten college football teams. There are other cups that will show those teams that are not in the top ten. Some of these colleges have already been designated. UCLA will be in the GMAC Cup. The Air Force will be in the Armed Forces Cup. Middle Tennessee will be in the Little Caesars pizza bowl. Bowling Green is in the humanitarian cup and Northern Illinois is in the Eaglebank Bowl. For everyone else, we'll just have to wait for him to see. Anything can happen, so the level of excitement is picking up speed as everyone tries to figure out who will be in which bowl.

Currently, experts predict Florida vs. Texas for the BCS Championship Game, Cincinnati vs. Georgia Tech in the Orange Cup, Iowa vs. TCU in the Fiesta Cup, Alabama vs. Boise State in the Sugar Bowl, and Ohio State vs. Oregon State for the Rose Cup. Many of the earlier cup games are happening at the same time, so you may want to save it. These are certainly games you don't want to miss.

As the college football season is over and all the games are played, it will be time for winter sleep next year. The only consolation for some is the NFL Super Cup, which will be the last football game of the season.


Cleaning the ductwork in your house can improve air quality and efficiency


Skeptical about cleaning ducts

There seems to be a great deal of skepticism about home air duct cleaning. Some say cleaning is not at all a waste of money. For others, cleaning their air ducts has definitely improved their quality of life. Many people notice a noticeable improvement in home air quality. According to Angie List.com, one customer was very skeptical about cleaning the channels until a friend reported that her allergy symptoms were better after cleaning the channels. Others report an immediate improvement in home air quality, noticeably less severe allergic reactions by family members and more efficient functioning of their HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

Routine duct cleaning can extend the life of your HVAC system

People whose ducts are cleaned not only have fewer allergies and enjoy noticeably better air quality, but also see a reduction in energy bills. According to the list of Angie, a homeowner in Shaker Heights, Ohio, who recently cleaned her home ducts, reported an immediate improvement in air quality. Very pleased with the work, Ms Linda Wetzel said her family used the air conditioner less frequently during the hot summer months and the oven was used less frequently in the winter. It credits the more efficient operation of the HVAC system and the lower energy bills for recent cleanup. HVAC experts confirm that obstructions such as dust, debris, or other foreign material in the ducts can block airflow and enhance system performance.

Air ducts and green cleaning

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that indoor air quality in some homes can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Much of this indoor air pollution can be caused by residues of chemicals left by commercially available cleaning products. If you have used commercial cleaning products in your home and there is an abundance of waste, dust, or other material in the ducts of your heating and air conditioning system, these chemical residues can be collected there. When you turn on your air conditioning or heating system, these pollutants can spread throughout your house.

Is the air duct cleaning worth it?

The EPA states that there is no scientific evidence that regular duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, but there are benefits to cleaning them. They recommend keeping the HVAC system in optimum condition by regularly inspecting, maintaining and changing filters as needed. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) states that there is some improvement in air quality after duct cleaning. They also recommend cleaning the ducts every three to five years. Although the EPA and NADCA may not agree on how often they need to be cleaned, they do agree that there is some value in cleaning the ductwork in your home.

Air duct cleaning and green cleaning

When you make the transition to eco-cleaning, it just makes sense to get rid of all the chemical contaminants in your house. If you suspect that the condition of your channels is unhealthy, it would be a good idea to have them inspected by a reputable HVAC specialist. With so many customers reporting a certain improvement in air quality, it just makes sense to clean your air ducts – especially if you have decided to clean more environmentally and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals, pollutants and toxins in your home air. Cleaning your ducts is a good start to turning green by cleaning your house.


RV trailers for your camping needs


Trailers are caravans-like structures that are towed to provide accommodation, especially for travelers. They are mostly used in places where accommodation is not easy. They are also good for areas that are usually flooded or sandy where normal buildings cannot be erected. Trailers are very eco-friendly as there is minimal land interference and the land will remain as it was. This is also possible because they have good drainage systems to prevent flooding and mosquito infestation.

It is well known that the use of tents does not offer much comfort to travelers and campers. This is the reason for the invention of the trailer. The idea came about because of the use of caravans. RV trailers have been around for years. They are very reliable and many campers still take the option of trailers in their camping spreads. They are also better than tents because they are more secure in harsh weather. Road trailers are constructed with an aluminum frame to make it lightweight for easy towing. They come in many shapes and designs. They vary in size and design, they are the ones that could be confused with a tent on wheels and others are furnished with several rooms and look like a normal home.

These trailers are easy to tow, have all the necessary amenities such as a bathroom, as well as important kitchen equipment. Some also have a power-driven drive wheel that allows you to fasten it to the ground while parking. They are spacious and therefore you can get plenty of rest. You can also enjoy a TV and satellite dish and relax the day with some music from a CD player.

There are different types of trailers for trailers sold by type, such as RV forklifts, RV for sale, truck trailers for sale and Class A, B and C motor homes. Toy trailers provide half of the living space and the other half acts as a garage. The garage can be for motorcycles and racing cars. There are Class B motor homes that cost only $ 1,100 and Class B motor homes that cost about $ 4,000. RV trailers are also sold locally throughout the United States and are available in cities such as Ohio, Texas, Georgia, California and Washington.

RV is also aware of the importance of developing new models due to the ever-changing tastes and preferences of consumers. Some of the new models are Coachmen, Keystone RV, Fleetwood RV, Winnebago and Air stream RV models. Coachmen Models include the Coachmen Clipper, which is suitable for hunting, fishing and going to the beach. They are also clean and air-conditioned. It costs about $ 7,900.

Therefore, RV trailers are cheap and save you a lot of time and money on airline tickets and hotel accommodation. They are also good if you like to try new things. You can also control your time as there are no restrictions on checking in and out, such as hotels. They have more freedom. Their comfort will leave you feeling at home away from home.


Vacuum cleaner reviews for rainbow, air and storm


Riccar brand vacuum; The best-made new vacuums, sold for under $ 1,000, are Riccar-branded vacuums. American made with high quality parts make them our favorite brand to sell. Consumer magazines give them great reviews as well as user reviews sites like Epinions.com. There are a wide selection of models, about 35 in total, which range in price from $ 279 to $ 1,399. Most range from $ 500 to $ 800. Riccar Vacuum Cleaners are our most targeted vacuum cleaners.

Rainbow;. The rainbow is the only vacuum without hair that has proven that it really does not clog and lose strength. Any other vacuum-free vacuum requires annual replacement of expensive HEPA filters. The Rainbow vacuum cleaner uses water as its filter. If you do not intend to empty the water after every use, we think that Rainbow is the brand that most customers are furious about. The Rainbow vacuum will also take water up to two quarters. You can also add oil-based flavors to the water to create a fresh, clean scent in the room you are cleaning. The rapid airflow will transfer all the air in the room through the water about once every ten minutes. When you have finished the evacuation, the air in your room is washed and all the pollutants that have settled are removed. The only substances we found that will not soak in water are concrete dust, plaster powder and talcum powder. This is the only reason to offer other alternatives. Filtration is not perfect. The new Model E Series has a HEPA exhaust filter, which solves this problem for the most part.

Air-Storm Vacuum Cleaner: This is the only best vacuum we have found based on several factors. The worst part is that most vacuums have bags that eventually clog and restrict airflow. This limited air flow causes the engines to overheat. The Air-Storm vacuum has an airflow system that constantly keeps the bag surface clean, which allows for constant airflow and no loss of suction. The housing of the Air-Storm vacuum cleaner is made of almost indestructible resin material that will never warp when heated. The Air-Storm cleaning system also has two HEPA filters that prevent dust from escaping from the exhaust. Air-Storm tools have drilled air holes in the "ventilation vents" that allow constant airflow in the instruments.

The American Air-Storm Vacuum was manufactured in California and it is the best-designed vacuum we have ever sold. At $ 1895, it's not cheap, but it's the best vacuum we can find. A healthy air storm receives our best recommendation.


Florida Villa at Springtime IS Florida at its best


The temperature at home? Cold! The weather is wet, windy, miserable and generally unpleasant! It's been weeks. The winter shadows begin to fade away at the airport, the sense of good factor begins. The vacation starts here.

A peaceful and enjoyable 767 flight time with Delta Airlines through their excellent downtown Atlanta, Georgia and beyond to MCO. Brilliant views from the plane … bright sun and lots of snow in the mountains over Labrador and Quebec; the waters of the lake in Toronto are still frozen solid; Moving south, the first signs of thawing near Cleveland along the southern edge of Lake Erie, announcing the warmer weather to come further south. The changing and diverse nature of Ohio, Virginia, Georgia is an unforgettable sight. The wooded southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta with its superb high-rise views downtown.

Central Florida is just a 50-minute jump from Atlanta's 737. Orlando International (MCO) is a favorite at this time of year. Busy, lively, efficient, but not overcrowded. Luggage restoration is easy to negotiate, Dollar car rental is hassle-free, but most importantly, the main roads are high quality, fast, not overloaded with traffic. A big plus is the southern exit, which brings the Disney Resort areas within 25 minutes via Central Florida Greenway (417 toll road … its cheap and very quiet even during the day … from the airport to the Interstate 4 freeway intersection total cost is $ 2.50c! Cheap!)

The villa is located on a gated property with South Dunes Golf and Country Club – one of the most recent high-end developments – just off US 27 north of Hines. It provides a great base for Disney Florida resorts but is centrally located for those with other interests. A wonderful base for exploring central Florida: Kennedy Space Center to the east, Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota to the west. For Walmart buyers, it's right next door to everyday needs …. and there are plenty of retail outlets & # 39; in close proximity to those looking for bargains. Famous name products at extremely reasonable prices attract people at Prime Outlets (it was Belz), Premium Outlets and Buena Vista Outlet, to name but a few. All along the I4 motorway.

The weather at this time of year (February-March) is good. It's great to wake up in the sun, which most often lasts throughout the day. The temperature is in the 70's and drops into the low 80 ° C. It dries. In contrast, summer can be depressingly hot and humid with daily thunderstorms and later in the year the hurricane season begins.

Getting up and dipping in the pool every morning is special. Sit outside and enjoy reading a good book. Eating is a real treat: inexpensive, with a variety of dining options available nearby. And the parts … TOTAL, FILLING are just two adjectives that come to mind !!! Try Mani Chophouse and see what I mean. For golfers, the area is pure magic. The peak season is. Many players are drawn from abroad, including snowbirds. down for the winter from the colder northern parts of the US and Canada.

Golf courses to fit all pockets ($ 107 for 18 holes was the highest we found locally in 2006: the lowest $ 20! Amazing value for the last figure … 18 holes and so did includes a nice golf cart! Plus a nice rural setting with trees and ponds to negotiate, as well as livestock … turtles, bears, alligators who care more about sunbathing rather than chasing golfers. They are allowed to keep any balls that land near them!)

Florida at Springtime IS Florida at its finest !!


Retirement in Puerto Vallarta – Live in Mexico – Cheap, eh?


Mexico at $ 5 a day? Of course, it's not a problem if you can survive on four cervids during the day and sleep in a tent set up somewhere in the woods at night. Of course, if you live on the Mexican Riviera, you will only be able to afford a few cervezas a day, but you will be able to sleep on the beach! In 1997, we moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, known as Vallarta or PV by the locals, and inevitably, when meeting people in the States, we wondered why in the world we would live there. Most believe that this is due to the low cost of living in Mexico and that one can cope well with social security. The reasons we have been living in Valarta for ten years have very little to do with the cost of living. One reason is the latitude of Vallarta, which is the same as Hawaii, leading to a climate absolutely ideal for golf, fishing, tennis, hiking, swimming or whatever your hobby is for seven months a year, from November until May,

The population of PV, our sleepy little Mexican fishing village located in Banderas Bay in the Pacific, just exceeded 350,000, making it the size of Anaheim, California, or twice the size of Boise, the capital of Idaho. Of the 350,000 residents, there are nearly 50,000 North Americans during the seven-month "high season". They have retired here to enjoy the numerous world-class restaurants, seven magnificent golf courses, world-class deep-sea fishing, modern supermarkets and shopping malls and nightlife. Most of these Vallarta North American residents have 350-channel satellite television, high-speed Internet service, air conditioning, and all other modern conveniences that can be found in the United States. Clean water, clean food, state-of-the-art hospitals with the latest in sophisticated first-aid equipment and great care for safety can be found here at PV. In fact, there are very few reasons not to live in Vallarta.

We haven't lived here for ten years, because it's cheap! For example, gasoline is about 8 pesos per liter or $ 4.00 per gallon. Electricity is about the same as in the US, while phone calls to the United States are about four times more than the same country calls. Supermarket food is about the same as in the US; imported products are much more, while local products may be much less. Imported hard goods, such as electronics, to Sam's Club, Walmart, or Office Depot may be twice as large as the same products in the United States. Cars are about 20% more expensive, imported clothing 50% more expensive, etc. From a resident's point of view, NAFTA does not work too well, as all imported items are taxed and are significantly more expensive than in the United States, Housing on the other hand are generally much lower than in the United States. Of course, that depends on where in the US and where in PV, but as an example, a small house in Central Florida would compare to casinos in PV without a view and cost twice as much. A grand mansion in Pebble Beach would be compared to a luxury hilltop villa overlooking Banderas Bay and would cost two to four times as much. A 2,000-square-foot condo in Bay Petersburg, Florida, similar to the one in the Vallarta Marina area, will cost about twice as much. On average, it can be assumed that the cost of housing in PV is approximately half that of the United States, given that house prices have almost tripled in the ten years we have lived here. One difference is that house and apartment values ​​have been softening in California and Florida over the past year, while the PV boom is expected to continue for at least another ten years. As baby boomers retire and open Vallarta, demand for new homes and apartments is rising, as is the cost of land, materials and labor, leading to real estate prices rising. Estimates suggest that property values ​​will double in the Vallarta area over the next five years.

There are several other significant differences related to housing. The first is related to real estate or property taxes. The annual upfront or property tax in Mexico is about .1% of the purchase price of the property. Suppose you bought a condo in PV for $ 200,000 ten years ago, considering that it was twice as much as you could buy in the United States. Today, its value would be around $ 600,000, but it's still on the books at $ 200,000 and annual taxes are about $ 200. A condo with the same cost base of $ 200,000 10 years ago located in Florida or California could be taxed from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 today, and remember that this $ 200,000 apartment would be half of what you could buy in Vallarta. Additionally, if you have been a resident for more than five years in Vallarta and can show that this is your primary residence, there is no capital gains tax on the sale of your property. Annual taxes and car taxes are equivalent to those in the United States.
First-rate medical and dental care is available in Vallarta at about half the price of that in the United States. Qualified car repair, electronics, carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical repair technicians are approximately the same as in the United States. Of course, PV offers many non-professionals who will work for half the price, but you get what you pay for! The only exception is masonry. For a quarter of the price of one in the United States, you can have beautiful granite countertops, marble floors, tile pools and more. Another major difference in cost is that of unskilled labor as servants, gardeners or craftsmen. They are easily available for $ 20 a day, but don't expect the most efficient work in the world. You get what you pay again!

In summary, the cost of living in Vallarta is probably slightly lower than in Florida and significantly lower than California, given similar standards. Probably higher than Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Cincinnati, OH, but there is no comparison in life styles. One thing is for sure, we do not know about Americans or Canadians who live in PV solely on their social payments. To live on a tight budget in Mexico, you need to head inland, away from the tourist areas, away from Paradise, and you can expect a completely different lifestyle. For money, Vallarta is extremely difficult to win, but certainly not cheap!