Generation Laptop

In May 2005, a history of US hardware was made.

For the first time, laptops have sold more than desktops in a month. In fact, Current Analysis, an innovative research firm based in Sterling, Virginia, confirmed that sales of laptops jumped to 53.3% of the total retail computer market in May 2005.

Were these numbers just a glimmer on the computer sales radar? Let your own eyes answer this question for you – People who use laptops are everywhere! – People checking their emails in cafes, students learning online in the classroom, business men and women compiling airplane and train data.

So, what current factors contribute to the huge popularity of laptops among the public computers they buy?


Five years ago, you could walk into a four-thousand-dollar computer shop and float your toenails, carrying a bulky laptop computer about the size of a sewing machine – about as cutting as a grandfather's pipe and smoking jacket. Today, you can get a HP Compaq NX6125 equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader, 60GB hard drive and AMD 64-bit Turion processor for less than $ 1000!

Expect laptop prices to fall even further in the coming months thanks to intense competition between the two heavy-duty processor manufacturers Intel and AMD. Both companies introduced mobile chips at speeds that offer desktop performance.


Wi-Fi laptops are no longer a luxury option. At Mammoth Coffee in Newport, Ohio, more and more business owners are fighting for an office space notebook, the humble blueberry muffin and Au Lait coffee shop.

Those who dine at fine dining await the smallest sensory, spicy dish set on a table with fine silver and white table towels; excellent service; and ambient lighting. Good thing that's the menu at Trapeze Restaurant in Burlingham, California – along with the wireless access service for laptops.

Wireless loyalty has moved effortlessly from the confines of home and office to the pristine elegance of fucking restaurants. But will the revolution of the wireless laptop end here?

Last Mile Communications has even greater ambitions for Wi-Fi laptops. They hope to use the established infrastructure of multiple lamp posts, sprawled around merry old England, to create a network of wireless hotspots.

This ambitious UK company would like to transform street lights so that they can be accessed through your laptop to go online. The last mile would also like to put flash memory in the lights so that even without access to the internet, you can find information on local amenities and emergency firefighters, police and ambulances.


Laptops with performance competing with desktops used for knee breaks – Not more. A stream of high-quality ultra-light and ultraportable devices have been flooding the market over the past few months.

The Acer award-winning Red dot, Travelmate 3000 boasts a widescreen 12.1-inch panoramic display, while the compact laptop chassis takes up less space on the desktop than a piece of A4 paper – weighing just 1.4 kg. The Sony T2, a sleek silver ultra lightweight laptop, comes with a 60GB hard drive, 1.2GHz processor and weighs just under 1.4 kg.

Too big you say? How about Toshiba's U100 libretto? This laptop weighs just 2.16 pounds, has a 1.20GHz Intel Pentium M processor and has a hard drive protection system.