Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke – Hostage, Deception և Mysterious Book of Death


The Grand Opening Party of the renovated Albion Hotel in Lake Eden, Minnesota, is the scene of a crime in Hoan Fluke’s latest book, Anna Swensen, The Murder of the Red Velvet Cup.

City residents gather in early June to celebrate at the Red Velvet Lounge. Anna and her business partner Lisa Herman Baseman belong to The Cookie Jar, Hamlet’s favorite cafe. They serve desserts for this connection, including their delicious Red Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes.

Through Gala, Anna’s sister, Rector Andrea of ​​the city, contributes to the hotel’s affordable condoms, a large penthouse with its elevator, and the magnificent view of Lake Eden; : Huge tropical garden ակ Jacuzzi.

The Penthouse is waiting for the delivery and installation of a massive dome under its climate control, under final repair. Safety saws prevent penthouse visitors from moving too close to the edge of the building.

Partygoer Barbara Connelly walks around the penthouse excitedly to find her seat at the hotel.

Soon the discoverers saw Barbara’s body crawl through the windows of the hotel’s living room, and finally her face fell into the rose bushes. Barbara was called to the Lake Eden Memorial for an ambulance.

On the morning of the 4th, Anna received a ridiculous call from a woman who was believed to be Barbara’s. “He tried to kill me.” And Anna came out to solve another mystery of Lake Eden.

Who wants Barbara Connelly to die? And why?

When Anna asks Barbara at the hospital, she is convinced that her brother is to blame.

But how could he be when he was the only child?

Complicating matters is Barbara’s request to see her father, who died with his mother years ago.

Minneapolis moneylender Roger Dalworth has paid for the renovation of the Albion Hotel. He is taking part in a grand opening with his new fire, Dentist B. He is also in the city, visiting his wealthy, suffering father, Warren Dalworth.

Concern for the city, because Dr. B, a well-known bone, once lived on Lake Eden. And she has twice been Norman Rhodes’ fiancé, Anna’s current romantic interest.

Dr. B is rudely boasting about his latest achievement in Roger Dalworth. և proudly displays his love signs, including the new red Maserati convertible.

On the next drive to Hannah Hospital, Anna’s path passes through her former Miller Lake. There he finds the sunken car and instinctively swims to check on the passengers.

Surprised, Anna realizes that it is Dr. B’s sports car. that he’s still behind the wheel! Anna diligently pulls Dr. Bevin to the ground. but attempts to save him are unsuccessful.

Detective Mike Kingston, who is also fighting for Anna’s love, must confront her in an awkward, official voice when he calls Anna the main suspect in Dr. B’s death.

Dr. Beve ordered Anna’s Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes to watch the penthouse dome set up that evening. Toxicology tests have shown that he died before falling into a lake with a strong dehydrator. His stomach consisted only of coffee cream, artificial sweetener and Anna’s cakes.

According to tradition, the crowd gathers at the Cook’s Bank to hear that Lisa is entertaining their latest crime, which Anna has decided to solve. It has been standing in the room only since Anna’s first suspect.

Soon Anna confronts the man who tried to kill Barbara. : The shocking conclusion begins.

Fluke’s story involves a small urban conversation that reflects the wisdom of the world in such lines as: “When you learn to see something, you just accept it for sure, while there is no other way. And his signature recipes too.

Its impeccable writing allows new readers to quickly connect with the people of Lake Eden. And it is interesting to feel the mysteries of his previous murders. Red Velvet Cupcake Murder cures both your mind and your mouth.

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