Vanity And Insanity:


In June 1958, on a sunny day, Minneapolis met the birth of another child in a simple community. Prince Rogers Nelson, in his adult life, became a singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, and owner of a variety of talented instrumentalists and studios, not to mention one of the most sacred, touching, and famous performers of the twentieth century.

Her first UK release came in the form of a single called “I Want to Be Your mistress.” It entered the charts in January 1980 and failed to make even the top 40. This did not stop the young singer and dream of higher heights. Frankly, this failed for 4 years. Until July 1984.

The film “Purple Rain”, written as a semi-autobiographical story of a young, talented boy growing up in a rough and poor district, failed to attract any positive recognition. Critics have blamed it, calling it a tempting waste of money. The soundtrack, on the other hand, earned the reputation of Prince World. His first real taste of British praise came in April 1983 with the single “Little Red Corvette”. Prince had to be proud to keep the same high cloud. “Purple Rain” probably became the biggest achievement of his career. A moment in his life that the artist has not stood up since. Although the soundtrack to Parade – The Cherry Moon (1986) was indeed higher on the album chart (Parade is vying for No. 4, as Purple Rain – only claimed number 7) it is “Purple Rain”.

His royal purity, which was attracted by the ever-growing unfriendly environment, created the atmosphere of a common constellation. From what he had made, he had now reached the pinnacle of God’s supremacy, and since then he has not been able to descend from it.

The last performance of the British was received with the same excitement and excitement as if he had given Louis XIV a fake, purple ark, wearing a jacket with a purple motorcycle and running it as his entrance to the stage. We could forget for a second that two years have passed since any freedom was released from him. It’s hard to believe that he will soon be 48 years old.

“Dear friends, we are gathered here today to go through the so-called life …”, as Bl James Brown’s sermon in The Blues Brothers, we open this album with Prince Preacher, dictating to us his ideas about life and the afterlife. . She’s going to give us her biggest lesson, like Sammy Dice Jr., telling us to dive in and bathe Daddy … our eyes open like his ears. We’re going to take a class, take care of it, throw it in the trunk and make the trunks sweat from the neatness of the hair, yes, its prince gives us the taste of an album with a full ecstatic keyboard and low guitar tapes. We hear that the artist is adapted to rock, pop and everything glorious.

“Let’s go crazy,” he must say to himself. The crazy urgency of energy comes out of our speakers and our brains. We will come out of this experience, which is completely clean and bright. I believe that any sudden explosion of fearful horrific percussion and hysterical guitars feels good to the soul. The prince would not be without some shouts and screams. This may be the only album where listening is as good as visual. We don’t need to see Prince stop it with a microphone or run his tongue on the board (tumor), we can feel the whole living thing directly through our speakers. One thing is for sure, this album aims to make you happy, excited and beg with applause. The Royal Theater presented this wonderful piece to the prince, who entered our hearts and our record collections. Mostly, this irrational piece of wildlife has not been left without a sense of direction. Someone will either like it or hate it, and will release the rest of the album. If you continue to do so, listen with open mind.

“Take Me With You” seemed a little shocked after all the excitement of this first path. “Duet” with an unknown female artist, “Apollonia”. The prince has always been known for using singers who support good, strong-willed women and bring them to the forefront. There are one or two names from the past that owe the beginning of their careers to Prince. It is possible to feel that the prince is a very supportive woman in the industry. By building his own talent, he sought to create the same from others. Introducing Hap Danger Strike Tools, we find ourselves in a tambourine, a symbol, enjoying a beautiful song that is attractive, powerless, and maybe a little childish in its appearance. The prince went through the process of using violins to break the record. The Raspberry Beret was a classic example of this method. They give femininity to a song and allow a fair jellyfish and optimism. Skip one hand along the hand …. if your twelve.

Then come the three paths that I don’t fully understand. The name of the game is probably experimental here. The first of these three is “The Beautiful.” A kind of ballad, Prince has the most diverse vocal range. Under the lines “When the Doves Scream” with the power to adapt to the low and tense money, the “Beautiful” to the extreme strangeness – flawless, unconscious, feminine. Using keyboards that play virtually any other melody, we probably feel a copy of the eighties ballad of the eighties. Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings” had wonders that you had from the planet, with a space theme that contained Blake’s 7 numbers, like this one from Prince. A rock theme deviates to the end, and Prince does what he does best, shouting like a panelist with a few electric guitar tapes thrown in a good amount. After all, և Prince loves his stretch finish, the audience had enough.

Wendy’s. Yes, Lisa. Is where it is hot enough. Yes, Lisa. Shall we start? Yes, Lisa …

The Computer Blue Voices, Wendy and Lisa, who had some informal hits with them in their early eighties that weren’t really many, were Prince’s two mainstays. We hear here that they write some lines that sound boring in detail. Strange as it may seem, this was actually Prince’s experience with a country song theme. Probably a song that could not be far from the country if you tried it. Listening to its length, it seems to me like the random music of Miami Vice, which is probably used in the chase of the car, with its fun and weird ness, it takes a uniquely sloping medieval path in something so slow that shouts to the recorder to get a good kick. The raw bass and riff are captured where Computer Blue left.

What we’re hearing right now is Darling Nikki. Known for his clear words. “I met him in the lobby of the hotel, who was masturbating with the magazine.” History in one night. It has a disturbing energy and rigor that Hendrix would be proud of. It seems like too much metal for the prince, and the sound at the end of the recording should have been tattoos. He cries and shouts as if in terrible pain. A great show, but to live a very short life, because the end of this path is a setback. A kind of acapella. Fortunately, due to age and former local Woolworths, I have this vinyl. After a few attempts to play with it, which, of course, my record holder did not succeed at all, I believe that the words are written. “Hello, how are you?” And then something about something … Someone is there with vinyl, please help, because there’s someone here who won’t sleep until I find out what he’s saying. The little prince’s excitement. Well, we always thought he was in trouble anyway …..

Pop duo Laurence Llewellyn Bowen annoys us with the second half of this circus piece from the big purple top …..

“When The Doves Cry” was number one in the United States and number four in the United States when it was released in June 1984. The first track on this album cuts to the chase of his hard-hitting words with an equally cold bloody drum machine. Starting with a trunk that sounded like Jimi Hendrix on the track at home, the track’s composition consists primarily of a low-pitched sound that sounds like a strong, cold-hearted, steady-beat machine. In a powerful way, it is very simple and very fascinating. The mix of his voice used in the background allows him to constantly have a sense of thought in the heads of singers who repeat the word from time to time. Not surprisingly, with the weird yelp: crying, which is always convenient for the prince to do much better than Michael acks Esson. It is an atmospheric path that includes the help of a stoned guitar rock as a break. It’s been a long time coming from a record-breaking record of more than twenty years, and it’s hard to imagine that it really happened much earlier than that. A monumental piece in the history of the rock. Today they feel as comfortable for young children as they did for the movie.

“I Would Die for You” is another creative tool using a drum machine in a different style, but not heard by the audience. The drum machine seems to bend uncontrollably along the way. The words are almost muttering, as if not distracting from the unusual use of the car. In short, it allows several handfuls of repetitive notes to flow gently on the base track. An inspired piece, again, unheard of before this album.

We listen to the “Baby I I A Star” electrifying and brilliant performance right and almost without hearing or hearing. There could be no better title on this path. It was full of ambitious arrogance. So much so that for listeners it makes them even bigger, because no one can help but feel as if the words can be addressed to them. He greets me, looking at me, looking at me with a dirty big bow wrapped in a shiny gift wrapped in a bright gift !!! It has a fantastic fast kick all over the stadium, real stadium work. Some smart support tracks using keyboards and singers, giving it to everyone. It falls on the prince as his personal theme was intended. Even in a matter of seconds, the audience is given hints to give it a real live theme.

The lights go out, the glitter falls aside, and the hands above our heads begin to spin hypnotically. “Purple Rain” is not only with the ears, but also the epic of the soul. One of the best, still the most used ballads, it gives Meatloaf quality, which I’m afraid it just didn’t come close. It discourages us, and I feel it needs to be renamed Purple Pain. The prince was supposed to be on the floor of the studio after creating this masterpiece of a broken heart. With an astonishing 8 minutes and 45 seconds, he gets more and more annoyed to the end. Unlike Brown and Brown, when his bodyguards came in and threw a cloak over him to get him on stage, this piece is, perhaps, very long, equal to the full display of everything ever done by such an artist of this caliber. We literally shout buckets, it stretches near the lines and you reach the kitchen blades. With the incredible collisions of Ym umbrellas և incredible collisions of tense rocks և scales crawling on the scales with torches, you can hardly feel the trail ending, we almost feel exhausted when it finally ends.

Leaving aside the secrets, the fall of the revolution is a rather sad tale. The prince dedicates himself to the army of beautiful people who look great, shining blue lights with their chins to make them more luxurious after the 1986 tour. His simple words and perfect performances were a sensational product for his preparation, but Prince wanted to reach more fans. Knowing that the act had to be cleared up somehow, he appeared next year with a haircut, a more conservative outfit, and a not-so-shocking entourage competing to get out.

I was personally devoted to the purple, shiny ear when it was all about the superstar. That I feel was the best of the eighties. We can’t do this kind of class action anymore. No matter how much we think of Michael Acks Esson, we can’t remember that it was twenty years ago when he wished us the best of luck in his incredible, accurate choreographic dances. Madonna was not yet a household name և she was still laughing at some point, wondering how much she would give when Prins, with her compassion and amazing circus cabaret, delighted us and enchanted us where we liked her or not. A professional craftsman, he produced his masterpiece with his album. The only one we will finally remember.

The Brits are taking part in this year’s show after the show. He was sitting around with a non-purple brigade of guards and children, like a human fence. He ordered a DVD player, sat down, watched movies, and dared not blink around the hundreds of drunken, wandering stars.

Now, that’s Rock and Roll.

Humble yourself, your worthlessness.

Իշ Michel Hatcher (‘sam1942’) 2006